v0.9.3 beta - 27 MAY 2019
  • Change: Moved to HTTPS, small fixes, updated to newest SDE
v0.9.2 beta - 23 MAR 2018
  • New: Added background image, added logo and updated layout
  • Change: Updated libs
v0.9.1 beta - 30 OCT 2017
  • New: Added blueprint info to Industry tab
  • Change: Renamed Reprocessed tab into Industry tab
  • New: Added Reprocessed tab showing reprossed materials for moon and mining ores
  • New: Added group name to Attributes
v0.8.7 alpha - 12 SEP 2017
  • Change: Removed dependencies to old XML API
  • Fix: Charge group now shows with name instead of ID
  • Fix: Variations does no longer return duplicate entries
  • Fix: Will no longer show emtpy description tabs if there is no description for an item
  • New: Added links to market tab for market history and market orders
  • Change: Display of note for missing misc bonus only for T3Ds
  • Fix: Added proper handling of role bonus for traits
  • New: Added market tab to show current average price of item. Price also shown as tooltip over icon.
v0.7.1 alpha - 16 Mar 2017
  • Fix: Footer layout
  • New: Enabled meta tags for Facebook and Slack, so posted links will now display name, picture and description of the linked item
v0.6.0 alpha
  • New: Added autocomplete to search bar
v0.5.0 alpha
  • Fix: links for typeId type attributes
v0.4.1 alpha
  • Fix: Units for mass
  • Fix: Now shows values < 1 with full precision
  • Change: Updated to newest SDE version
  • New: Added misc and role bonus to traits tab
  • New: Added image renders
  • Initial