What does this website do?

This website finds routes across New Eden using the wormhole system Thera as hub. Since Thera has multiple static WH connections to highsec, lowsec and nullsec it can serve as shortcut or allow parties to circumvent hostile systems while traveling to their destiniation.

How reliable is the information?

We are using the current known WH connections that are published on the Eve Scout website as basis for our route calculations. All information is community sources, but tends to be pretty reliable in our experience.

To avoid showing routes that might already have expired be will only use WH connections with an expected remaining lifetime of at least 1 hour in our route calculations (can be turned off)

How does it work?


To find routes through Thera please enter the name of the origin and destination system and click on the search button to start the route finder. After a short while the route finder will show a list of all routes found sorted by number of jumps. This list will also contain the direct route between origin and distination (if there is any) as comparision to the Thera routes. Per default only routes are shown that do not have more jumps than the direct route. (can be changed) Note that the maximum number of routes found is limted to 25.

Here is an example of a search between Amarr and EF-F36:

Each route can be displayed by clicking on 'Show Route'

Here is a short explanation of the columns in the route table


There are a few options available to tweak the route finder.

I really like this website. Can I make a donation?

This website is free to use for everyone. But, if you like this website and want to show you appreciation I would be delighted to receive your ISK donation in-game at the Eve Online character Erik Kalkoken

How can I report a bug?

If you like to report a bug or suggest a new feature please create an issue on our github side.

How can I contact the author of this website?

If you have any questions or comments please contact me in game. My Eve Online character name is Erik Kalkoken.