What does this website do?

This website shows the current list of the approximate 4.000 public structures ( Citadels , Engineering Complexes and Refineries ) in New Eden.
Public structures are freely accessible (docking, tethering) by any pilot.

How reliable is the information?

The data of this website is synchronized constantly with the Eve Server to keep it as current as possible. Due to caching by the Eve server the data can be up to 1 hour old. You can see the status of the sync on the top right of the webpage. It will display Eve Sync: offline in case there are any issues.
The current uptime status and history of the sync process can be viewed here.

You can also see when the data for a particular structure was retrieved from the Eve server by reviewing the "last update" column. Please note that this column shows the point in time when the data was retrieved from the sever. Due to caching it could still be up to 1 hour older than current information in game.

Should your (ship) life depends on it (e.g. when planning to use a public structure as midpoint for a jump freighter trip) I would strongly advise to double-check the accessibility of a structure for you in game, since access rights for structures can change on short notice.

How does this work?

This website is using the new ESI API for Eve Online to retrieve the current information about public structures. The ESI API has an endpoint for that very purpose. All retrived data is stored in a local database to provide a speedy user experience for browsing and kept in sync with the Eve server.

Why do I not see structure X even though it is "public"?

First, a structure has to be public to appear on this website. This means that docking rights have been given to "Everyone" in the profile configuration of the structure.

Second, it must not contain any blocks, e.g. blocked characters or blocked alliances. CCP does not consider those structures to be really public and therefore does not include them in list of "public structures" provided through the API.

I really like this website. Can I make a donation?

This website is of course free to use for everyone. However, if you like this website and want to show you appreciation I would be delighted to receive your ISK donation in-game at the Eve Online character Erik Kalkoken

How can I report a bug?

If you like to report a bug or suggest a new feature please send me an Eve mail.

How can I contact the author of this website?

If you have any questions or comments please contact me in game. My Eve Online character name is Erik Kalkoken.